This past summer has been full of great events from birthday parties to company outings, bachelorette parties, and everything in between.pic 3


By far one of our most memorable
nights though, was having local
author Rick Shakalis
and his
friends and family aboard to celebrate the release of his debut novel, The Shoemaker’s Castle (Buy it here on Amazon).

Shakalis’ literary fiction novel follows the life of Thomas Plant who was:

“Born dirt poor in the mid-1800s in Bath, Maine, and left formal schooling at the age of fourteen to seek his fortune, driven by an overwhelming fear of becoming homeless. The United States at this time was young and energetic and developing its unique personality, as was he, and all things seemed possible. With ingenuity and hard work, Thomas rode the wave of dynamic industrialism at the turn of the century, eventually becoming one of the country’s wealthiest men. The colorful life of Thomas Plant-with a memorable cast of characters joining him on his incredible journey-should have been an inspiration to anyone living in this country of hopes and dreams.” – Amazon


That memorable cast of characters was inspired by none other than Shakalis’ own friends and family so, he decided to thank them for contributing to the book by taking them all on a sunset cruise aboard The Bay Spirit. All dressed up in black and white (with some donning Flapper-ish attire), the so-called characters from his book came together to celebrate this momentous occasion on the water with a beautiful sunset to behold.

pic 2


It was an honor to host this dapper group of individuals and we wish Rick and The Shoemaker’s Castle all the success in the world! Thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration!